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Other Inspiring Video Links

If you can't be with us on Friday nights, please take some time and watch evangelist and street preacher Joe Kirby and subscribe to his channel Off The Kirb Ministries. You will find it insightful and his manorisms humble and endearing. 


Please click to watch this wonderful series called "The Chosen".  Based on true life events of Jesus in the Bible, this work of historical fiction ties together Christian principles in a way that makes them real to the viewer.

Angel Studios has many other Christian based programs such as the "Dry Bar" comedy series and "Testament".

An animated series called "David" will be released soon with Tim Tebow as one of the producers.

Please consider supporting Angel Studios with a financial donation.

Enjoy spectacular footage and information from various historical sites throughout the Holy Land and places mentioned in the Bible.

Pastor Todd Fink gives wonderfully detailed explanations and reads Biblical references to all these sites.  You can also go to his site Holy Land and sign up for tours with him as your guide.

It is always exciting and fascinating when archeology substantiates yet another aspect of the Bible.  If you enjoy this, subscribe to Expedition Bible and get countless hours of well presented Biblical history and the undeniable archeological evidence that supports it.  Don't forget to like, subscribe and share.

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